The Problems of Using Joint Accounts with Right of Survivorship in Michigan


There are many tools you can use when planning for your senior years. People who consult with our office often choose to utilize multiple documents and tools for asset protection, Medicaid planning, estate planning, and planning for incapacity. However, some ways that a person might choose to transfer assets to an heir may not be […]

Tips for Creating Your First Estate Plan


Longstreet Elder Law & Estate Planning, PC assists clients who are in various phases of life to create their first estate plan. Some of our clients are singles in their 20s or 30s or parents of young children. However, some of our clients are closer to middle age or retirement age. The important thing to […]

Do I Have to Pay The Medical Bills for My Spouse or Parents After Their Death?


Tragically, many families lose a loved one after a long battle with a condition or disease that requires comprehensive medical care. After the person passes away, the family could face substantial medical bills that health insurance or government benefits did not pay. In many cases, the medical provider may look to the spouse or adult […]

What Makes Elder Law Attorneys Different from Other Attorneys?


Elder law attorneys are very different from other attorneys. They define their practice not by the type of legal problems they handle but by the type of persons they help. They help families to maximize the independence and quality of life of older persons. Elder law attorneys can help families accomplish this while best utilizing […]

How To Protect Assets From “Nursing Home Spend Down”


“My mom is being discharged from rehab next week to a nursing home and it will cost $10,000 per month!  What can we do to protect her assets so she doesn’t go broke?”  This is an issue we deal with daily in our office.  How can we help?  The first step is proper placement.  Often, […]

Avoiding Michigan Probate without a Trust: PODs and TODs


For a variety of reasons, people sometimes want some or all of their assets to pass directly to specific individuals upon their deaths, outside of Michigan probate. One way to accomplish this is to set up a “payable on death” (POD) account for money in a bank account or a “transfer on death” (TOD) account […]

VA Benefits Basics, Part 2


The Process for a Successful VA Benefits Claim.      Update the Estate Plan We always review and update a client’s estate planning documents.  The reason for this is that most veterans and their surviving spouses need to have well drafted powers of attorney in place and/or need to set up a Asset Protection Trust.  Having these estate […]

VA Benefits Basics, Part 1


If a veteran or surviving spouse meets certain requirements, they can receive up to $2,120 (in 2017) per month, tax free. The amount of maximum benefit depends on their scenario. Married Veteran- $2,120/mo Single Veteran-$1,794/mo Sick spouse of a healthy Veteran $1,404 Surviving Spouse $1,153 To receive these benefits, there are five requirements: 1. 90 Days […]

It’s Never Too Early To Prepare For An Unexpected Medical Crisis


Many individuals and families tend to postpone, duck, ditch, and/or pretend they don’t need to have certain important conversations. These are the conversations about what would happen if something unthinkable happened. What if you are in a serious accident and were left incapacitated or were diagnosed with a serious illness? No one really wants to […]