The Cost of Michigan Estate Planning

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “How much will it cost for an estate plan?” or “What are your Fees for an Estate Plan?” The answer is always the same, “it depends.”  It depends on what needs to be done.  But, proper estate planning needs to be viewed as an investment.  The cost […]


Now more than ever we need to focus on our wellbeing and that of our families.  This pandemic serves as a reminder that everyone should have properly executed estate planning documents and a “long term care plan.”  As part of this realization, one might be tempted to take “knee jerk” actions that, ultimately, will NOT […]

Estate Planning Matters To Think About During This Crisis

Positive steps we can all take to protect our financial wellness during this season of uncertainty As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, there are some non-investing matters we should consider in order to protect our families and financial well-being. recently listed the following ideas to think about: Durable and Heath Care Powers […]



Longstreet Elder Law & Estate Planning is about planning.  It is in our name.  However, as the older and wiser among us know, life has a way of throwing unexpected things at us.    The Covid-19 Virus certainly qualifies as one of those unexpected moments in life.  As of the writing of this article, we do […]

The Most Important Estate Planning Documents

Making sure you have the right estate planning documents is one of the simplest ways to have a positive impact on your family’s future. Proper planning ensures that your wishes will be followed and that your family will have less to worry about after you are gone.  Estate planning does not need to be difficult; […]


The “death tax” is an informal name for the federal estate tax. The term is also sometimes used to describe inheritance or estate taxes levied by a state.  Most of us probably don’t need to worry about the death tax. That’s because federal tax law allows estates to exclude a certain amount in a tax […]

Retain an Experienced Elder Law Attorney to Prepare Your Medicaid Application

Many individuals are unaware that if they require long-term care, such care is only covered by Medicare or other primary health insurance for a short time. For example, Medicare may cover up to 100 days of nursing home care so long as the patient needs skilled care. However, if that patient requires care beyond Medicare’s […]

New VA Rules Drastically Change VA Planning

On September 18, 2018, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) amended the rules regarding eligibility for VA pension.  These new rules will change VA planning drastically, including the following: First, there is now a look-back period of 36 months when applying for needs-based pension benefits for wartime Veterans or for the surviving spouses and dependent […]

Can I Keep My Estate Plan and Probate Estate Private?

For some individuals, privacy in all aspects of their lives is very important for them. In some cases, individuals may avoid social media accounts and limit their online presence because they desire to keep their lives private from the public. Unfortunately, when you die, you may not have a choice in whether your personal finances […]