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It’s Never Too Early To Prepare For An Unexpected Medical Crisis

Many individuals and families tend to postpone, duck, ditch, and/or pretend they don’t need to have certain important conversations. These are the conversations about what would happen if something unthinkable happened.

What if you are in a serious accident and were left incapacitated or were diagnosed with a serious illness?

No one really wants to consider these types of events. However, if they are not discussed and arrangements made, in the event something did occur, who will know what your wishes are?

Do you know what aspects of your healthcare are important to you? Who would you want to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself? Do you want life support? Do you want to donate your organs or not?

Many people wait until they are older to address these types of medical crisis issues.

Every capable adult – that means anyone over 18 years of age – has the basic right to make choices about their health care in the event of a medical crisis. That includes the right to choose or to refuse medical treatment. You can establish your desires by filling out an Advance Directive for Health Care. The forms can be changed, just like a will can be.

This is a conversation that families can have to assure their loved ones that everything will be decided. This type of pre-planning is truly a gift to loved ones. Hopefully, you’ll never have to pull the document out, but there is a great sense of peace knowing every situation that would put loved ones in a difficult position is handled.

Estate planning is best left to an experienced professional. If you don’t have a Patient Advocate Designation as part of your estate plan, make an appointment to meet with the attorneys at Longstreet Elder Law & Estate Planning, PC.