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Estate Planning experts. We are different, because we truly care.

Longstreet Elder Law & Estate Planning P.C. is the leading firm in Michigan for estate planning, wills & trusts, Medicaid, and special needs.  We understand how to help our clients take advantage of these benefits so that they can afford the care they need without destroying their finances or losing their homes. Our experienced staff and attorneys work closely with their clients to ensure they feel at home when they are in the office.  

Our approach is based on establishing strong personal relationships with each and every client. We will take the time to get to know you personally and gain a thorough understanding of your greatest concerns and hopes for the future. We will also take the time to answer all of your questions and explain our recommendations. We want you to understand your options, why certain tools and strategies are best for your particular situation, and how your plan will work going forward.

We help you prepare

Helping our clients to save their assets

As our loved ones age, the level of care that they need intensifies. This is what we refer to as the continuum of care. As the level of care intensifies, so do the costs. Being able to meet those costs may seem like an insurmountable challenge. It does not have to be. From initial contact in our Michigan office to any concerns you may have, Longstreet Elder Law and Estate Planning guarantees that your estate plan will be handled with care and compassion.  Our elder law team has helped our clients to save their homes and assets from loss due to the overwhelming expenses of hospital and nursing home care. We have helped plan our clients estates in such a way that their beneficiaries receive their assets economically, and to help those who have money or services coming to them from insurance policies to claim and receive what is truly and rightfully theirs. As we age, there are going to be a number of choices we have to make that involve our well-being and our family’s financial security. These are tough choices, but with Longstreet Elder Law & Estate Planning guidance, together we can better understand what options fit your needs.

When the time comes for you to help an older loved one or to make plans for your own future, turn to Longstreet Elder Law & Estate Planning for help understanding your options, and build a safe and stable tomorrow.

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